Online classes? Stay on top of course material from home

Updated: Feb 15

Many universities, including my own, will be delivering lectures online for the rest of the term. I wanted to share a quick guide on how to stay on top of course material from home.

1. Keep track of changes for each course!

♡ Will lectures be streamed live, posted online or both?

♡ Where can you access online lectures?

♡ Which assignments will be reweighed (if any)?

♡ Will you be required to submit some assignments in a different format?

♡ Will there be new online assessments?

2. Make your own schedule!

♡ Use a calendar or planner and create your own study plan.

♡ Schedule weekly time to watch online lectures and go over assigned readings or you will fall behind.

♡ You may have more assessments to make up for cancelled labs/tutorials. Schedule time to work on these.

♡ Just because your courses are online, it does not necessarily mean you won’t have final exams. Schedule time to review course material.

3. Make the best out of your study space!

We should be practicing social distancing as much as possible. This means that you may want to avoid your regular study areas: coffee shops, libraries, group study rooms, etc.

How do I study at home?

♡ Find a dedicated study space. It should be quiet, organized and well-illuminated.

♡ Do NOT study on your bed.

♡ Bring all the supplies you need before you start studying.

♡ Turn off your TV and put away your phone.

♡ Ask your roommates/family/partner to help you out by minimizing distractions and letting you focus.

4. Get extra help!

This is an extraordinary situation, and it is okay to feel overwhelmed. Figure out who can help you during this transition.

♡ Do your professors have online office hours?

♡ Are there group chats/discussion board for your course?

♡ Can you access online peer-tutoring or academic support sessions?

♡ Can you study with your colleagues and/or share notes online?

5. Be patient and do your best!

Switching to online learning is not easy for anyone. Be patient with your instructors and with yourself. It is okay to feel overwhelmed but do not give up. We will get through these difficult times, together.

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