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4 Apps to Boost Productivity

Staying organized and keeping track of your tasks can be quite challenging. In this quick guide, I will share four apps that you can use to boost your productivity.

App #1 - Notion

Notion is an all-in-one workspace that allows you to take notes, track tasks, manage projects and much more! You can choose from several templates and personalize them to fit your needs.

Access the website at or download the app for iOS and Android.

App #2 - Flora

Flora is a gamified pomodoro timer that allows you to track your tasks and habits + minimize phone distractions. The pomodoro technique involves setting a 25-minute timer (focused work) followed by a 5-minute timer (break). Starting a timer on the Flora app will plant a tree. There is a catch though. If you leave the app, the tree will die. Try to focus and put your phone away until the timer is up!

Flora is available for iOS (coming soon for Android).

App #3 - Todoist

Todoist is a digital to-do list and organizer that allows you to create projects, set due dates, and sort tasks. You can use labels and filters to keep track of your deadlines and tasks.

Access at or download the app for iOS and Android.

App #4 - Session

Session is an activity manager and timer that allows you to track your habits and tasks. Start by creating an activity and logging your sessions. You can keep track of the time you spent on each activity, making it easier to stay on track and take accountability as you work on achieving your goals. Download the app for iOS or Android.

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