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How to Keep Up with Online Classes

Staying on top of your online or hybrid classes can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you keep up!

1. Read the course syllabus

Identify key information, including:

  • Are lecture taking place synchronously (live/in real time), asynchronously or both?

  • What is the lecture schedule for the term?

  • What platform will be used to deliver the lectures?

  • Will lectures be recorded? If so, where can you access the recordings?

  • What format will be used for assessments?

  • Do you have any assessments in person?

2. Make your own schedule!

  • Use a calendar or planner and create your own study plan.

  • Schedule weekly time to watch online lectures if they are asynchronous.

  • Just because your courses are online, it does not necessarily mean you won’t have ongoing assessments or final exams. Schedule time to review course material.

3. Make the best out of your study space!

  • Find a dedicated study space if possible. Ideally, it should be quiet, organized and well-illuminated.

  • Do not study on your bed.

  • Bring all the supplies you need before you start studying.

  • Turn off your TV and put away your phone.

  • Ask your roommates/family/partner to help you out by minimizing distractions and letting you focus.

4. Get extra help!

Online learning can be challenging. Make sure you know what support/resources you can access. Here are some things to consider:

  • Do your professors and/or teaching assistants have office hours?

  • Are there group chats/discussion boards for your course?

  • Can you access online peer-tutoring or academic support sessions?

  • Can you study with your colleagues and/or share notes online?

5. Be patient and do your best!

Instructors and students have had to pivot to online teaching and learning, and this process isn't always easy. Be patient with your instructors and with yourself. It is okay to feel overwhelmed but do not give up. Do your best with the resources you have and don't be afraid to reach out for support!

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