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Tools to Design Presentations

Designing effective presentations can help you better deliver your message and engage your audience. Here are four free tools to help you get started.


Canva allows you to design unique and creative slides. Choose from thousands of templates or create your own! You can record a voice over (with or without video), download your slides and/or present directly from their website.

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BioRender allows you to create beautiful and professional diagrams and illustrations. Choose from thousands of pre-made icons and templates - perfect for scientists! When you are done, export your high-quality images and include them in your presentations.

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Pexels allows you to download free high quality stock photos and videos to include in your presentations.

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DaFont allows you to download and install unique fonts to use in your presentations. You will find thousands of options, from script to cartoon!

Keep in mind that each font has its own license. You can sort fonts by license on their website and read the terms of usage for each. Many fonts will be labeled “free for personal use” which means you can use them in your slides, just not for commercial purposes. ⁣

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